I was hired as a cashier at the Gainesville, FL location on Halloween of this year. My then-friend, who shortly afterwards, ended up being my roommate due to the fact that she was being evicted told me that they were hiring, because they were always hiring, and I got the job.

Earth Fare was a nightmare from the start. $8.10/hr. No benefits. No health coverage.

I had put myself down with open availability. Willing to work nights, weekends, holidays, wanting full-time hours. They wouldn't give me full-time hours. A bi-weekly paycheck at Earth Fare?

$300. They also gave me about 5 hours of training, and within 3 days, I was opening the store. I was then reprimanded when I didn't do something correctly, or didn't know that I was suppose to do it at all. In fact, Earth Fare is so cheap, they don't even provide their employees with uniforms (notice that next time you're in the store).

Just a dress code. Co-workers were catty and cut-throat. Managers would intentionally try to turn co-workers against each other so they could kick back and watch the fun. Between hateful co-workers, (my roommate secretly being one of them), poor managers, computers that would freeze, and my limited training...I did my job to the best of my ability.

But I wasn't one of their little favorites, so I got fired regardless. And when I did...I told the General Manager, and the Front End Manager straight where they could go too. (What's it to me? I can't put it on a resume.

I didn't work there long enough.) And it was worth every bit of $300. ;) It was a blessing. When I got home. I kicked that non-rent paying, freeloading, slob of a roommate OUT to the curb.

And my life has never been so stress free :) Now for the inside scoop... "Baked fresh every day" Yeah, right. More like once a week. I guarantee if you buy a loaf of their bread, it'll mold in two days max.

I LOVE olives. But, you couldn't pay me to eat at their olive bar. I never saw them change it. They just cover it up with plastic at the end of the night, and then uncover it in the morning.

Check your fruit and veggies before purchase. Their avocados are almost always rotten, and the lettuce heads got to the point where I would inspect them before I would total customers out just because of my own personal conscious. Also if you do buy fruits / veggies from the Gainesville store. WASH THEM.

Vultures and ducks run rampant outside, and they crap all over those carts. Those carts are never sanitized with anything. But yeah, you want to know why the cashiers never know what they are doing? Because they are always new!

Cashiers either quit...or management is firing them because they never paid them enough to care about the job to start with.

Earth Fare sells organic, tofu, health food to a bunch of liberal Bernie Sanders voters...while practicing modern-day, corporate slave labor. The hypocrisy is astounding.

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This doesn't sound like a review, but a rant. Barely any information was given that wasn't emotionally charged.

It was helpful to know that the pay was low and there weren't any benefits. However, it just sounded like you don't really know how to handle yourself in a workplace where management and co-workers are less than ideal. I know it's hard to keep your head down, your mouth shut, work the hardest and to stay out of the drama, but it is possible. You got fired and this whole thing comes off as petty and bitter.

There are tons of entry level jobs that do not provide you with uniforms. I don't know any grocery stores that wash their grocery carts regularly either.

It is up to the consumer to thoroughly wash their produce, and my Earth Fare always has visibly clean carts.To make matters worse you categorize the customers and throw in politics. This "review" is a waste of time.

to Crawford1989 #1606988

I worked at Roanoke 770. The place was consistently a mess and disorganized.

My training was an hour, then I was thrown in. I luckily I have a life time of customer service experience, otherwise I would have walked away sooner.

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