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It seems our company Senyia LLC, a veteran owned business. Is not good enough to grace the shelves, at Earth Fare.

Yes, we are a small company. But not so long ago, they also were small. After months of communications, with no response. From Wellness Director Karen Lewis.

Sending our samples(Which is the finest dried moringa powder available) Not a single reply. They have never experienced, when a Marine Vet. Does not get the opportunity to thrive. I will reach out to Veteran groups, to boycott this store, & much,much more.

They like to purchase products, that are made in foreign countries.

They have a Italian CEO, but try to contact him. Too busy with corporate duties, to worry about a common veteran.

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Oh please. I'm so sick of this "veteran" stuff.

You are not entitled to anything because you used to be in the military. Stop whining. Nobody cares about your service and you are no more special than anybody else.

Just stop with the entitlement. Nobody cares, and nobody thinks you are special.

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